Can You Feed a Baby in a Car Seat? Sure, But…

Can you feed a baby in a car seat? Well, there is a short answer to it: sure, you can. However, you need to meet some conditions which is useful for your baby’s safety. If you wonder what those conditions are, then you are in the right article. Find out the answer to what you should think about when feeding your baby in a car seat.

Can You Feed a Baby in a Car Seat?

A car seat is a car seat, isn’t it? So, you may think that your baby won’t face eating difficulty when it comes to getting fed while sitting in the car seat.

can you feed a baby in a car seat

Can a baby get fed while sitting in a car seat? Sure. But there are some conditions that will make you to think twice about letting your kid eat while ‘chilling’ in his/her seat.

  • Is the baby supervised?

Baby hungry in car seat, you hand them some finger food. Problems went and you go back to drive? You should not do that, especially if your baby is still learning how to ‘chopstick’ the food.

Well, it is not about the messiness. Instead, you need to supervise the baby so that he/she won’t ingest something which should not be there. Because who knows there is fruit seed or maybe dirt from your car getting into their mouth?

We recommend you stop the car while feeding the baby however secure they are in their seat. Or, have a company to supervise the baby while eating. An unsupervised baby may get choked, which may cause danger.

  • Is the car moving?

Even though there is someone supervising your baby, it is best to halt the car in order to feed the baby. Why so?

The motion that the car cause may induce baby’s motion sickness. The result is clear: your baby may end up throwing up food. Bottles, too, will become projectiles when the vehicle is moving.

  • What is the food?

Are you are feeding liquid food like milk? Is it a grape? Is it a biscuit? If you are letting your baby to eat while you are driving, make sure the food is not causing your kid to choke—if it is solid food. To do so, you can cut the food into smaller chunks which will not danger the little one even when it is not well-chomped.

Can You Feed Baby with Hiccups?

Can you feed baby with hiccups? Well, some parents take hiccups as the time to break from feeding the kid. Some others think that feeding help alleviates hiccups. Both options are fine for the kid, though. However, if you think it will bother the baby, you can stop for a while and have a break.

You may also wonder how long can baby be in car seat. It depends on how old your baby is. If you have a newborn, then it’d be bad to sit him/her on a car seat since the spine isn’t ready and it is also still developing.

However, if your baby can already sit, make sure to not let them sit for more than 2 hours in a day. This will develop as your kid grow up, though.

So, those are the answers for your question: ‘can you feed a baby in a car seat?’. To sum it up, your baby can eat in a car seat, but there are several things you need to think about to ensure your baby’s safety.

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