Can You Microwave Baby Bottles? Discover the Safe Methods

Trying to calm down a hungry and crying baby is not easy—they tend to be impatient with the food they want, while parents need time to warm up the milk bottle. There are many methods to heat up a baby bottle, and the most widely used tool is microwave.

However, some parents may doubt whether can you microwave baby bottles? If so, how to do it safely? Below, you’ll be able to read the answers, so continue if you’re interested in using a microwave to warm up your baby’s bottles.

Can You Microwave Baby Bottles?

Before getting further into the whole microwaving baby bottle thing, let’s set one thing clear first: heating a baby’s bottle is not always necessary. It is more of a preference for some parents. Some babies prefer their milk to be warm, especially younger ones. However, older babies are most likely to tolerate lukewarm and cold milk better.

can you microwave baby bottles

Similar to microwaving food, warming up baby bottles using microwaves basically uses molecular energy to initiate the heat. The energy, at the molecular level, cannot change a food’s structure by making it radioactive or dangerous in any way. Microwaved food or drink is warmed from the outside in. The major advantage of using a microwave to heat baby bottles is its quick speed.

So, yes, it is certainly safe to microwave baby bottles. Here are the safe steps on how to warm a baby bottle to follow:

  1. Make sure you heat up the plastic bottle only because the glass bottle may explode inside the microwave.
  2. Set the bottles upright and open inside the microwaves. Detach the nipples or lids as they can trap heat and soar the temperature.
  3. Set the microwave to a 30-second cycle for 4 oz. bottles and 45-second cycle for 8 oz. bottles.
  4. Take out the bottle once the heating process is done.
  5. Attach the nipple back and swirl it 10 times to distribute the potential hot spots in the milk.
  6. Drop several milk drops on the back of your hand, wrist, or tongue to make sure it is not too hot for the baby.

Is It Safe to Microwave Baby Bottles for Sterilization?

Microwaves can be a practical and effective tool to sterilize baby bottles. It utilizes heat steam to perform the sterilization process, and it’s going to work even better if parents use a dedicated sterilization unit for baby bottles to use inside a microwave.

The steps to the sterilization process are done based on the manuals provided by the manufacturers. The key lies in ensuring that the temperature and heating time is set right to avoid melted bottles and nipples.

It is important to note that putting baby feeding tools directly inside the microwave with the aim of sterilizing them is less effective. This is more likely to damage the equipment. It also has to be noted that metal items shouldn’t be put inside the microwave as well.

Does Microwaving Baby Bottles Cause Cancer

You may have heard rumors in the passing that microwaving plastic containers may release substances that can cause cancer. Is it true, though? According to the US FDA, “microwave-safe” plastic wraps are containers that are in general safe to be put inside the microwave without any sign of releasing cancer-promoting substances.

Some say that microwaving cancer can cause certain chemicals called dioxins to be released and affect the food. That being said, dioxins are not technically found in plastics but rather created when plastics are melted or burned. As long as the microwaved food is not melted or burnt, there’s no reason for dioxins to be released.

So, now that you have the answers, can you microwave baby bottles and other related questions? There are other methods that you can research and experiment on to compare the most convenient and effective ways to heat up baby bottles that work for you and your baby.