When Do Babies Stop Wearing Diapers? Find The Answer and Facts in This Article

As a parent, you sure want to make your baby ditch diapers as quickly as they can. This means you need to potty train them so that your baby can start peeing on the toilet—not relying on their diapers. That’s why many people ask this question: when do babies stop wearing diapers? Well, if you need guidance related to the question, you can find the answer in this article below.

Why Do Babies Wear Diapers?

This question is so easy to answer. Babies need diapers so that they can urinate without being taken to the toilet. Diapers are widely used by infants and toddlers who aren’t toilet-trained yet. Children who have experience in bedwetting will also wear this. But among all, babies are the primary users of diapers.

when do babies stop wearing diapers

So, when does a baby stop wearing diapers? Well, babies don’t typically need to ditch diapers unless they are potty trained. Many parents start toilet training their babies near age 2. So, parents can help their babies to ditch diapers gradually after they are seen as ready to not use diapers.

When Do Babies Stop Wearing Diapers?

So, when do babies stop wearing diapers? The short answer is this: you must ensure your baby is potty trained.

On average, babies are potty-trained when they reach 2 and 2 and a half. However, parents may potty train their babies earlier, making the age to ditch the diapers went earlier as well.

You cannot really force your child to use the toilet all at once. If your kid isn’t ready and they are not well-trained, then it becomes difficult for them to ditch diapers.

Hence, if you want your children to start not relying on diapers, it becomes important to make them potty trained earlier.

How to Stop Using Diapers?

At what age to stop diapers at night? Again, in order to stop using diapers, you need to toilet train your child first. It is important to potty train your child slowly and make it a habit, so your child isn’t confused with the potty train instruction, and they can be accustomed to peeing only in the toilet.

It is quite impossible for children under 1 to be potty trained, so consider potty training your child if they have reached one year old or so. That way, your child can tell if they want to pee, so you can take them to any nearest toilet.

You can consider preparing a potty to help them get potty trained. Make sure to put the potty inside the bathroom and guide your children to use it whenever they have the urge. In order to make this works, it is important that your child can understand what you are talking about, and they can also express themselves pretty clearly.

Also, make sure that your child can already sit and get up from the potty by themselves. If not, it can be hard training them since various ‘accidents’ will happen.

There are several indicators that could tell you that your children have developed their bladder control:

  1. They know that they have a dirty nappy or getting wet.
  2. They feel the urge and may say so even though it may be late for you to take them to the bathroom.
  3. The interval of peeing gets longer. This is one good indicator that your children have developed bladder control in a great way.
  4. They often go somewhere hidden or maybe play fidget with something.

To elaborate, your question ‘When do babies stop wearing diapers’ can be answered like this: it depends on each child’s development. Training your baby to pee in the bathroom doesn’t take one day job. Hence, as parents, you need to keep your patience—given that potty training your children can be a long thing to do.