How Often to Replace Baby Bottles and Other Feeding Essential?

During the first few months of their life, bottle is one of the must-have items for babies. It is one of the most used essentials, which makes it also one of the most prone to wear and tear. After a certain period of time, there will come a time where the bottle needs to be replaced, but how often to replace baby bottles might be a question that you don’t know the answer yet.

Read below to discover when to replace baby bottles and the nipples.

Here’s How Often You Should Replace Bottles and Nipples of Your Baby

Are you thinking of replacing the baby bottles that currently sits at your home and is used daily by your little ones? It is easy to spot a worn-out one and decide if you should throw it out, but do you have to wait until the bottle turn shabby to substitute it?

how often to replace baby bottles

Here are some general guidelines on how long can you keep baby bottles, both for the bottle itself and the nipple.

  • Bottles

In general, baby bottles need to be replaced once every 3 to 6 months. This is typically considered as standard if you don’t see any questionable condition or damage symptoms on the bottle.

For plastic bottles, check its package to find out the recommended lifespan of the bottle. Majority of BPA-free plastic baby bottles are suggested to be used not more than 5 months. Meanwhile, if you use non-BPA-free bottles, it is highly recommended to not use it longer than 3 months before replacing it. For example, BPA-free Avent baby bottles are claimed to have 3 months lifespan by the manufacturer.

For glass bottles, you need to be more cautious and thorough to check any sign of dents, scratches, or chip frequently. If you notice any symptom of damage on the glass bottle, then it is best to replace it instantly.

  • Nipples

Nipples have to be replaced even more often than the bottles. The general recommendation is to replace nipples of baby bottles once every 1 to 2 months. It may be varied depend on the usage and manufacturer’s suggestion as well. For instance, the nipple of Comotomo bottles is recommended to be replaced once every 3 months by the manufacturer.

If you spot any sign of deteriorating or damage such as thinning, tear, swollen, sticky, or discoloration, you need to immediately toss it out. These issues seem to be minor, but even small damage such as a tear can lead to flowing milk more than it supposed to, to the baby’s mouth which may cause choking.

Begin to Regularly Check the Baby Bottles and Nipples

Examining baby bottles and nipples should be done frequently, not just once a week or a month. It’d be great to get into habit of examining them each time you clean the items.

Even though there is no standardized rule on how often to replace baby bottles, it is always better to choose to be safe and toss the bottle out if you feel unsure. Babies and newborns in particular are especially sensitive to potentially damaging thing that may emerge during the feeding process.