How to Calm an Overtired Baby and Handle Them When Wake Up

Be careful if your baby is pulling their ears, rubbing their eyes, and becoming clingier. It can be a sign that your baby is overtired. In this article, you will learn more about an overtired baby, including how to calm an overtired baby and everything you should know. As a result, you know how to handle this condition and prevent it from happening again.

About Overtired Baby  

An overtired baby often wakes longer than its body can tolerate. It often happens when they go to bed too late or awake too long after a short nap. Experts explain that most babies sleep at least every 45 minutes all day. If they don’t, they will be overtired. 

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You should treat this condition right away. Otherwise, it gets worse. When the overtired symptoms worsen, the body’s mechanism releases stress response. For example, their body will release cortisol, making your baby anxious and even crying. Sometimes, the symptoms are followed by their great attitude, such as pulling their ears, rubbing their eyes, zoning out, and being clingier to you.    

how to calm an overtired baby

How to Calm an Overtired Baby? 

So, how to calm an overtired baby? First, remain calm if your baby shows signs of overtiring. The first thing you can do is swaddle them. You should do it anyway, even if they fight it. Indeed, most babies who suffer from overtiring will do it. 

You can only stop swaddling when the baby can roll. It also signifies that you must hold them tightly against your chest. Next, please give them a drink, such as breastfeeding or giving them milk.

Now, gently bounce your baby for a few minutes. Put them down drowsy after a few minutes. You don’t have to shake them until they are falling asleep. 

That’s it! They will enjoy the milk even if they are still awake. At least your baby is calm now. Try to make the surroundings comfortable for sleeping, such as turning the lamps off, moistening the air, turning on a slow instrument that helps them to sleep, and many more.

Will An Overtired Baby Eventually Sleep?

Yes, an overtired baby can sleep, but it takes longer than a normal baby.

Your baby can sleep back after a few minutes or even an hour. It depends on how you handle them. Follow the tips to calm an overtired baby above.

These tricks help to get sleepy and sleep back faster. As a result, you can also rest and sleep tight at night without being interrupted by your baby. 

Should I Wake an Overtired Baby to Feed?

You should also understand whether you must wake your overtired baby to feed or wait until they wake up. You should know that you have to make an overtired baby sleep first. They have to sleep at least 8 hours a day. 

So, what if it is time to feed them? Should you wake your baby or keep them asleep? First, you need to know that it is better not to wake a sleeping baby. You never know what will happen if you interrupt them while sleeping. 

Waiting for your baby to awake is the best option. Your baby will be calmer when waking up without any interruption. As a result, they can also enjoy feeding time. 

The information guides you to know the importance of keeping your baby on the proper schedule daily to prevent the overtired issue. If your baby faces overtiring, you know how to calm an overtired baby. As a result, they can get back to sleep and wake up calmly. It is so essential for their behaviour and even their eating habits

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