How to Choose the Best Car Booster Seats for 4 Year Olds?

Is it the right time to switch to car booster seats for 4 year olds? Many parents are wondering about this as they want their kid to sit still while being safe while the parents are still driving. In this article, we will guide you to know what type of seats you can have for your kid.

Choosing the Right Seat: Booster or Car Seats?

You know what car seats are: the seats are made with five points of harness which will keep your children safe and secure. Then, what are booster seats? Does it mean you are adding points of harness onto the seat?

The answer is no. Instead, booster seats are made with less points of harness so your kid can move freer compared when they are using a car seat. A typical booster seat will have a ‘seatbelt’ across the child’s chest. Then, it also has a secondary belt which is used to secure the hips.

So, anytime you find a product that offers only hip belt, it is surely not a booster seat. And it is not recommended to choose that type of seat since your kid may face danger if the torso isn’t secured using the diagonal belt.

Then, when is the correct booster seat age? Well, although your child may be bored already being restrained by the harness, it is still the safest option to take your kid on a travel. We don’t say that booster seat is unsafe, but if your kid isn’t ready for the switch, then it may risk your kid’s life just for the switch.

In addition, there are some rules which you may need to know in terms of choosing the booster best car seat. This will include the following points:

  • Your kid isn’t too active while in the car. If your kid tends to wiggle and play around while being in the car, it is safest to remain with the car seat.
  • If your kid is over 65 pounds, then it’s time to switch to the booster seat.
  • As for the height, the recommended minimum height would be 49 inches, which is equal to 4 feet tall (122 centimeters).
  • When you’re sure your kid can stay and sit properly with the booster seat. You know, booster seat has fewer harnesses.

Choosing the Right Booster Seat

What makes the right car booster seats for 4 year olds? Well, there is no exact answer for that. Why so?

First, we need to assess your kid’s readiness for the use of booster seat. Although booster seats are used widely among kids 5-9 years old, if your kid is 4 and have already complied all requirements mentioned earlier, then you can purchase a travel car seat (booster seat).

Then, you need to know what kind of booster seat you will need. There are two types of booster seats commonly found: high back booster seat, and no-back booster seat.

It is simple to pick one of them: look at your car: does it have a headrest? If it doesn’t have headrest, then you can choose the high back car booster seats for 4 year olds as the best option.