How to Get Baby to Stop Grinding Teeth? Home and Medical Treatments

You may see your baby grinding their teeth even when sleeping. Experts say that 20 to 30 percent of children grind their teeth. So, why does a baby grind its teeth? You also need to know how to get the baby to stop grinding teeth. 

Baby Grinding Front Teeth During a Day

Grinding teeth is known as bruxism. It often happens because your baby faces a sleep disruption problem, tooth wear, and jaw pain. Therefore, it is better not to give them too many chocolates, iced tea, cola, or other foods with a high level of caffeine. 

Your baby will grind their front teeth during the day when waking up if the caffeine level in their body is too high. Bruxism also happens because your baby doesn’t have enough teeth to make contact with each other. 

how to get baby to stop grinding teeth

As a result, they feel discomfort and grind their teeth. It is why babies grind their teeth during the day when they are awake. Grinding teeth also indicates that your baby suffers from earache or headache. A baby often can’t express their uncomfortable feelings.

Grinding their teeth is one of the ways to express their feelings and try to inform you that they are in pain. 

Why Does Baby Grind Teeth? 

In general, babies grind their teeth to express their uncomfortable feelings. However, they can’t communicate their feelings to you, so they give another sign to show their condition. Unfortunately, some parents don’t realize this is a sign. 

Indeed, you don’t have to panic when your baby is grinding its teeth. Nothing is serious with it. It is normal behavior. In many cases, this condition will go away after a few times. Some babies will do it both when they wake up and when they sleep. 

You can bring them to the doctor in case other conditions, such as fever, follow it. The proper treatment will stop the bruxism faster. As a result, your baby can do their activities and sleep well. 

How to Get a Baby to Stop Grinding Teeth? 

So, how to get a baby to stop grinding teeth? It depends on the grinding frequency.

This problem will be gone for a few days without any medical treatment. It happens when there are no other diseases. Some babies suffer from chronic bruxism. 

It means that the grinding is getting worse day by day. The best thing you can do is bring your baby to a pediatric dentist. First, the dentist will check whether other problems, such as chipped teeth, gum swelling, injuries, earache, or headaches, trigger chronic bruxism. Then, the dentist will prescribe medication to treat this condition. Your baby will stop grinding its teeth as long as the diseases are gone. 

How do you stop baby grinding teeth at home? 

You can do several things to stop your baby from grinding their teeth. For instance, you can read a storybook for them. Make your baby as comfortable as they can by singing lullabies. Try to make the surroundings more comfortable by spreading lavender or other therapy aromas that are safe enough for the baby.

Talk to them slowly while bouncing them on your shoulder. The main thing you can do is to keep them pleasant. Apply this trick for a few minutes and check their condition. Your baby may stop grinding once they are comfortable.           

The point is that you finally know that grinding in babies is normal. As long as it is not chronic bruxism, you can handle it alone at home, and it will be gone after a few days. The most important thing is knowing why your baby is grinding and how to get the baby to stop grinding teeth. Making your baby comfortable is crucial to keep your baby happy and healthy.

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