How to Get Yellow Stains Out of Baby Bottle Nipples with Easy and Cheap Way

Are you a new parents confused about your baby’s bottle and its nipples turning yellow? Despite it being a common occurrence, many people are wondering how to get yellow stains out of baby bottle nipples. Don’t worry, you will get the answer in this article below.  

How to Make Your Baby Bottle Clear Again

Well, baby bottles are one of the tools that help you while you cannot directly breastfeed your baby. Many people are using this for their babies in a daily basis, especially when the parents are too busy to breastfeed, or when the baby reaches the age of weaning.

You may have realized after a while; your baby bottles won’t be as clear as before. It started to become cloudy and a bit yellowish. Why is this happening?

how to get yellow stains out of baby bottle nipples

There are three reasons why this happens. First, it is the natural occurrence that plastic ages as time passes. This happens to the bottle nipples as well despite it being made from silicone.

The second reason is the use of UV sterilizer. The use of UV sterilizer turns bottle yellow, and it is not anymore a secret within parents. The UV lights from the sterilizer is scientifically proven to cause the plastic to degrade, although the sterilization happens only for a short time. Hence, your baby bottle will need to be replaced since it is no longer be a good material to carry the milk.

The third reason is the fat coming from the milk. The fat doesn’t cause the degradation of the plastic material, though. Instead, it causes the yellowish stains which will reside in your bottle.

So, how to get yellow stains out of baby bottle nipples and from the bottle itself? Check the procedure of how to make baby bottles clear again below.

  1. First, wash the bottle and nipple cleanly and thoroughly using hot water.
  2. To make sure the bottom part of the bottle is well-cleaned, you can use a long and thin brush.
  3. Again, rinse the bottle and nipple using hot water cleanly. Once done, use cold water to re-rinse the bottle and the nipple.
  4. Now that you have reached this step, the next step is to boil the bottle, nipple, and other components. To do so, this following explanation is what you can do:
    • Find a big pot to boil your water.
    • As the water boils, put the bottle, nipple, and other equipment into the boiling water.
    • Immerse the equipment for 5 minutes at least. Make sure to close the lid while boiling the equipment.
    • Once you done boiling the bottle, bottle nipples, and any other equipment, use a plier to transfer the boiled equipment onto a clean cloth.

What is the Benefit of Doing the Aforementioned Procedure?

There are several benefits you can gain from using this procedure to clean the baby bottle and nipple.

First, it is claimed to help reduce the chance of getting the bottle and the nipple turn yellowish quickly. Then, it is also an alternative solution of making the bottle and nipple sterile. Hence, you can replace the UV sterilizer which is proven to make the material degraded and turn the bottle yellowish.

The last reason of using the aforementioned procedure is because it is cheaper than purchasing an UV sterilizer. By using the procedure of how to get yellow stains out of baby bottle nipples, you can allocate the budget to purchase the sterilizer for other use, right?