How to Use Baby Brew Bottle Warmer and Clean the Appliance Properly

Baby parenting is wonderful most times, but there’s no denying that it is amongst the most strenuous jobs for parents. Luckily, living in this era means plenty of helpful items that make the tasks involved slightly easier—one of them is the Baby’s Brew bottle warmer. If you aren’t familiar yet with this product but interested in getting one, follow the brief walkthrough on how to use Baby Brew bottle warmer and other related guides below.

How to Use Baby Brew Bottle Warmer with Breast Milk

According to the manufacturer’s claims, Baby’s Brew is the earliest bottle warmer product that uses battery power that can heat breast milk for a baby up to an ideally safe temperature. As it offers a portability feature, it doesn’t need an electrical outlet to operate, in contrast to similar products that offered the same function in the past but are able to run when plugged into an electrical source.

how to use baby brew bottle warmer

Baby’s Brew allows users to choose the preferred temperature just by a single push of a button, with the lowest available setting option being 80ºF. This means parents do not have to guess the temperature of milk given to their babies.

Moreover, Baby’s Brew also offers a slow heating technology safety feature. This function allows parents to ensure their babies won’t have to encounter potentially dangerous hot spots, along with ensuring that the heating process is done correctly.

Baby’s Brew is compatible with more than 30 brands of baby bottles that can fit perfectly onto the portable bottle warmer. Not only that, there are other 15 bottle brands that can be fitted by using commercially available adapters.

Here are the easy steps to use Baby’s Brew:

  1. Attach the baby bottle to the warmer appliance.
  2. Flip the machine over and choose the preferred baby brew temperature settings. Note: There are four different temperature setting options, from the lowest 80º F, 98º F, and 103º F, to the highest 110º F.
  3. Wait until the warmer runs the operation completely and achieve the set temperature until it stops running.

For more detailed manuals, you can watch the video guide available on the manufacturer’s official website.

Now that you’ve learned how to use the appliance, it’s time to read how to clean it. Here are the steps to clean the bottle warmer:

  1. Make sure that the warmer is at a cool temperature, its charger port is not plugged, and the cover is closed.
  2. Prepare warm water in a basket, distilled vinegar, and soap to clean the warmer’s heating plate.
  3. Submerge the warmer but not until it is fully immersed.
  4. Mix equal parts of water and distilled vinegar inside the bottle and set the temperature to the highest setting option for 20 to 30 minutes.

In between uses, instead of using the steps above, you can also use cleaning wipes for breast pumps if you need a more convenient way of cleaning.

For more detailed manuals on how to use Baby Brew bottle warmer and the cleaning process, you can watch the video guide on the manufacturer’s official website. You can also find a troubleshooting guide for problems like Baby Brew not charging there.

How Long Does Baby Brew Take to Warm Bottle

Baby’s Brew portable baby warmer can heat formula or breast milk within 5 to 10 minutes by using a single push of a button. Combined with the diverse temperature setting options, it makes a very quick and practical way to warm milk for babies.

In general, any item that can help to make parenting life a bit easier is recommended. Hopefully, by following the guide on how to use Baby Brew bottle warmer above, you can achieve more convenience while keeping your baby happy and safe, both on the go and at home.