Knowing the Expiry Date of Baby Powder

Does baby powder expire? As you know, among so many baby care products, baby powder is never missed. Baby powder is one baby care product believed to be able to take care of the baby’s skin and make the baby smells more fragrant. When you buy baby powder, it is crucial to check the expiry date. Babies’ skins are sensitive and more prone to infection and allergies.

So, how do we know if the baby powder is expired? Keep reading to find out.

How to Know if Baby Powder is Expired

Below are the ways to know the expiry date of baby powder.

  • Check the Packaging

As you already know, every product has its expiry date printed on its packaging, including baby powder. Today’s baby powders typically contain corn starch instead of talc, meaning their shelf life is limited. If you do not find any expiry date printed on the packaging, you need to consider the baby powder expired if it has been stored for over three years.

Baby powder does have an expiry date, but it depends on the main ingredients used in the baby powder and the guidelines set by the manufacturer. You are advised not to use the opened baby powder within 12 to 18 months since you first opened it.

  • The Colour Has Changed

If the baby powder’s color has changed much from the color it should be, you must not use it though the expiry date is still months or years ahead. The product may have been damaged due to improper storage procedures. For your information, any powder products, including baby powder, should not be exposed to sunlight. Another characteristic of expired baby powder is that it becomes lumpy.

Where is the expiration date on baby powder? Among baby care products, baby powder is difficult to find the expiry date as not all baby powders have it. Manufacturers sometimes only include a code at the bottom of the packaging. For example, 12 M means the baby powder should be used within a year since it first opened. However, not all baby powder manufacturers include such a code.

Effects of Using Expired Baby Powder

Using expired baby powder surely can negatively affect the baby’s skin and health. Here are some effects that will likely happen when using expired baby powder.

  • Irritated Skin

As mentioned previously, babies’ skins are sensitive, so they can easily irritate. Therefore, Moms should not use expired baby powder to avoid this negative effect. Skin irritation can make the baby feels uncomfortable and cries all day. Red spots or a rash characterizes an irritated baby’s skin.

  • Dry Baby’s Skin

Using expired baby powder can make the skin dry as the baby powder absorbs the skin’s moisture. Dry skin can lead to itchiness that is surely uncomfortable, especially for babies. On the other hand, healthy skin has enough moisture, making it look fresh and bright.

  • Allergic Reactions

Many parents use baby powder to protect their baby’s skin from rash, irritation, and excessive sweat. But these benefits can change into negative effects if you use expired baby powder. Instead of treating rash, expired baby powder can cause rash and itchiness, which are some allergic reactions.

Baby powder generally has benefits, but it must always be under supervision when using it. It is because the baby powder has the risk of irritating or trigger allergic reactions for some babies. Apart from the baby powder type, its expiry date should also be considered, as the expired baby powder can cause certain side effects. So that’s the answer to the question of does baby powder expire.

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