What Should Baby Wear in Car Seat in Winter? Here are Some of the Safe Options

As a parent, you may have known that winter provides challenging time to take your baby travelling by car. It is because baby car seats in general do not allow winter clothing such as bulky cloth or snowsuits to be worn underneath for safety purpose, as they may cause the baby to slip through the straps and accidentally escape from the seats. So, what should baby wear in car seat in winter? Find out the proper advice below.

Recommended Warm Outfits that Are Also Safe for Baby

Winter comes with cold days where infants require warmth and more clothing layers. It is especially true when you bring the baby by car outside to travel. How can you dress your baby warmly while still ensuring car seat safety? Here are some tips to follow:

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  • Layer thin clothes

Instead of bulky outfits, you can layer thin clothes. Begin by a close-fitting layer underneath such as long sleeve bodysuits, leggings, or thighs. On top of them, add warmer layer or pants such as thermal-knit shirt or sweater. For extremely cold weather, use long underwear or thin fleece jacket.

  • Wear socks, mittens, and hats

To make sure the baby still warms without disturbing the seat straps, try to add gloves, hats, or socks that come handy. These items can help to add warmth during colder days.

  • Throw blanket over the seat straps

A warm baby blanket for car seat is another convenient item you can add after the baby is buckled up to their seat. There are various product types such as zipped jacket or poncho-model coats. You need to choose removable top layer to make sure that the baby doesn’t feel extremely hot after the warming system of the car is activated.

Car Seat Safety Guidelines to Follow

Warm clothes help to prevent the cold of winter to interfere with your baby’s comfort. However, you still need to watch for safety guidelines, which some of them are provided below:

  • Make sure the straps are tight

Layering several winter clothes can make it challenging to tighten the harness. That being said, it is still highly necessary to maintain the tightness of the straps to make sure your little one is save while the car is driving. To check this, try pinching the straps to see if the outfits will hinder the baby.

  • Put seat cover

Car seat cover is a useful item to help the baby maintain warmth during the days of winter. However, make sure that there’s nothing that puts in between the baby’s body and the cover. It is also essential to make sure the cover won’t trap their face and make it hard for them to breath. There are a lot of car manufacturer that create specific car seat products that aren’t exactly safe for newborns.

Knowing the proper way to dress your baby during winter in car can help preventing cold to get them. Hopefully, the tips on what should baby wear in car seat in winter above can help you to avoid unwanted situations.