When Can Baby Sit in Stroller? The Right Time for Your Baby to Sitting Parent-Facing and Front-Facing Position

New parents can’t wait to bring their baby outside. As a result, they use a stroller to bring their baby outside. But, is it safe to do? When is the right time to let a baby in a stroller? Most parents also want to know when can baby sit in stroller. The information below gives you an explanation. Then, you can decide whether you have to bring your baby using a stroller or not. 

When Can Baby Sit in Stroller? 

A stroller is a comfortable alternative to bringing your baby outside. You only have to put them in the stroller and push it anywhere you want. You may wonder when a baby can sit in a stroller. Three months old is ideal for a baby to sit in a stroller. 

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It is time when a baby can hold up and support their head. Babies can sometimes sit and hold their heads at four months old. You should check your baby’s development first, besides putting them in a sitting position in a stroller. How about if you want to walk with your newborn baby? Is it safe walking with newborn in stroller? Yes, you can. 

when can baby sit in stroller

The most important thing is choosing the right stroller based on the toddler’s age. Since a newborn baby can’t hold their head and body yet, choose a larger stroller with comfortable and thick materials. 

Ensure that your baby can be in a fully laid-back position. As a result, your baby can sleep well inside the stroller. If the baby can sit, you can let them sit in a parent-facing position. It means that their eyes are facing you.    

When Can Baby Sit in Front Facing Stroller 

Knowing when a baby can sit in front facing stroller is also important. You can start to switch the position from a parent-facing position to a front-facing position when they are 3 or 4 months old. Don’t force your baby while switch their sitting position in the stroller. 

Gently put them in the new sitting position and check their reaction. If they feel uncomfortable and stressed, try to switch their sitting back facing you. Apply this trick continuously, so your baby is ready to see the street and others while sitting in a stroller. 

Indeed, you need a sturdy and comfortable stroller while bringing your baby outside. A Chicco stroller is recommended because it is not only sturdy but also wider. In addition, it gives a spacious area for your toddler whether they want to sit or lay down. 

Plus, there is also an umbrella at the top of the stroller. It works well to protect your baby from sunlight, dust, dirt, wind, and other things. 

When Can Baby Sit in Stroller Without Car Seat 

Now, you finally get an explanation about when a can baby sit in stroller? Whether sitting in the parent-facing or front-facing position. The next crucial thing you should know is when a baby can sit in a stroller without a car seat. 

Letting your baby sit in a stroller without a car seat trains them to get used to a car and makes them more comfortable. In this case, ensure that your baby can sit up independently. Try to remove the car seat when your baby is five to seven months old. 

The point is that you should know when can baby sit in stroller. It is not only comfortable for the baby but also for you. Choosing the right stroller is one of the keys. Besides using Chicco strollers, you can also use a Britax stroller. Choose it based on the age and the weight of your baby.

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