When to Put Baby in Stroller without Car Seat? Things You Need to Know

Some new parents wonder when to put baby in stroller without car seat. You may be wondering about that as well. In this article, we will discuss when should parents put their babies in stroller without any car seat and some other information which we hope to be informative enough for you.

When to Put Your Baby without Car Seat?

For this question, unfortunately there is no magical age that explains when a baby can be put in a stroller without car seat. Mind you, every baby is different. Therefore, that will be safe if you are seeing your baby’s development first before assessing whether your baby can be put on the stroller without any car seat.

There is one aspect you need to consider when you are thinking about putting your kid onto the stroller without any car seats. This aspect will be this one: your baby can support his/her head on their own.

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Again, every baby’s development is different. But if we are told to mention number, a typical three-month-old baby can already support their head on their own. If your baby can already support their head, then it is the right time to switch from newborn car seat to an infant one.

A typical stroller which suits the three-month-old baby (or above) will be the one with reclining seat. As your baby grows, they will also develop motor skills and by the age of five to seven months, your baby will already be capable of sitting upright.

If your baby has already been capable of sitting upright without any help, then your questions shouldn’t be this one: ‘when to put baby in stroller without car seat?’. Instead, you should start considering which stroller with upright position that would be the best for both your baby and your budget.

What if newborn in stroller without car seat? Some of you may also wonder what will happen if newborn in stroller without car seat. Since your baby is still growing its muscles and bones, it is safer not to do this. That is why many sources are recommending to use the designed newborn seat so your baby don’t ‘flip’ which may suffocate their airway without you knowing.

Is It Safe to Let Your Baby Sleep in a Stroller?

Is it safe for baby to sleep in stroller? Simple answer for it: yes, it is safe. However, make sure that you choose the right seat for your baby according to their developmental stage and size. For example, if you have a newborn, then it is the best to use a bassinet-style stroller. This will allow your baby to lay on a flat surface.

As mentioned earlier, you can switch your baby’s bassinet stroller compared to a reclined version one when your baby can already support their head. Different baby means different development; and you cannot rule out that in 3 months your baby need to be moved out from the bassinet and have them the reclining style stroller.

To sum it up, your question of ‘when to put baby in stroller without car seat?’ depends your baby’s gross motor skill development. One thing to underline, it is safe to not use the car seat if your baby can already sit upright. Even if your baby can already support their head, it is still safer to use the car seat in a stroller to make them held tight.