White Spots on Babys Teeth: The Causes and The Effective Way to Treat It

Have you ever seen a white spot on your baby’s teeth? You may get confused with it. Remain calm and try to find information about white spots on babys teeth. Here, we are about to explain why a baby has white spots on its teeth. It helps you understand whether it is okay and the treatments your baby should take. 

White Spots on Baby’s Teeth 

White spots on teeth, especially on babies, can signify tooth decay. It appears because their mouth contains too much fluoride. Be careful if you see something chalky or pale color in the gumline of your baby. It can be a sign of tooth decay. 

The color turns brown or yellow if you let it without any proper treatment. Bring your baby to the dentist right away to solve this problem. They will try to clean the plaque and tartar around the enamel. 

Routine dental care will help to strengthen their enamel. Enamel is the outer layer of teeth—the thinner the enamel, the easier bacteria to produce acid in the tooth. The more acid in the teeth, the easier it is for your baby to suffer from plaque and tartar. 

About Fluorosis 

The condition when your baby’s mouth has too much fluoride is known as fluorosis. Fluoride exposure can be coming from tap water or toothpaste. Indeed, humans need fluoride, but it should be in the right amount. 

White marks start the symptom on baby teeth. Some parents don’t realize this symptom because the mark is noticeable. Then, slowly but surely, a silver lining appears, a sign that the fluorosis is getting worse. 

The good news is that fluorosis is not harmful to children’s teeth. There are several ways you can prevent fluorosis in children. For example, ensure that you are breastfeeding your baby until they are six months old. 

If you teach your child how to brush their teeth, ensure they don’t swallow toothpaste. The best way to prevent it is by applying very small toothpaste. Applying toothpaste in a grain of rice size is enough for your baby. 

Wait until they are three years old before adding the portion of the toothpaste. It is the same case if you want to give them mouthwash. It will be better to give them mouthwash at least six years old. Be careful with the supplements you give to your baby. Some products contain fluoride. The more your baby consumes the supplement, the faster the fluorosis process. 

How To Treat White Spots on Child’s Teeth 

Now, you know the cause of white spots on babys teeth. Next, learn the things you should do to treat this problem. The first thing to do is bring your child to a pediatric dentist. Dentists often do three medical procedures to get rid of fluorosis on baby teeth. 

First, they will cover the white spot with a mild acid solution. The function of this treatment is to remove the thin layer on the enamel. Second, the dentist will continue the process by drying the spot. Third, the dentist will ensure that the spot is dry. If so, they will fill the spot with resin. 

This process treats all the porous spots in your child’s teeth. The resin works to prevent cavities. The earlier you know this problem, the easier it is for the dentist to treat it. 

So, the best way to prevent white spots on babys teeth is by controlling the amount of fluoride in their mouth. But, first, be sensitive if something is around their mouth and teeth. Then, please bring them to the dentist immediately to get the right medical treatment.

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